Chamonix - Mont Blanc
Chamonix - Mont Blanc

Hey. Wanna hear a cliché? Shoot it.

Happiness is the road.

Amen, brother.

It was so much better when I didn’t focus on the destination. Just riding, for the sake of riding. And now that I almost reached the goal, I don’t want to ride anymore.

Yeah I get it. Can’t blame you. But you always need a goal to start riding.

That’s why I always choose an impossible one so that I may never reach and be on its way forever.

Love is the road.

Remember your high school love?

You “loved” her for years, just being on her road without trying to “get”. You were always riding but never getting closer.

Then she had to come closer and fuck everything up.

-Want to be your girl, she says. Who the fuck needs that? I was happy dreaming.

So now what?

Oh well, I’ll be in Chamonix today. Probably stay there a couple days, then leave.

The way back home is the worst.

Don’t you miss your bed?

Not really. I miss some other stuff.

Like her smell.

Or smile.

Oh, that goddamn laugh brought so much joy to my life.



If I was to walk away

From you my love

Would I laugh again? 𝄞


Stop singing sad songs now. Weather’s fine, road is clear.

Sing something else.



Closer – closer

lean on me now, lean on me now. 𝄞

Oh for fucks sake! Don’t you know any happy songs?



Oh baby baby

It’s a wild world 𝄞


Okay, nice. I’ll take it.



It’s hard to get by

Just upon a smile 𝄞


… I give up. It’s your day, your victory, your big achievement. Sing whatever you want.

I can’t help you if you don’t let me help you. Who invited you? Leave if you want. Better for me.

If I leave, you’ll die.

Please, leave now.


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